At Bamboocams we see our affiliates as our partners and that’s why we place a great deal of importance on each interaction that we have with affiliates. Having a fruitful collaboration is a number one priority for us. Because of this our affiliate program is focused on providing a steady stream of revenue for all the affiliates that are working with us.

Our affiliation program is very different from any other programs in the adult industry. We have opted for the revenue share option regarding all the payments to our affiliates. This option assures mutual growth for both affiliates and Bamboocams.

Currently our affiliation program offers:

  • 2%-5% rev share from each of the referred models earnings for lifetime
  • 2%-5% rev share from all the premium members for lifetime

To join the Bamboocams Affiliate Program you’ll need to complete the form below and we will review your application manually. For the moment we only accept strategic partners on our affiliate program.

Make sure to complete all the information requested below if you are interested in joining our program.



How do I sign-up for Bamboocams Affiliate program?

Bamboocams Affiliate program is not public (you need to apply and we will manually review your application).

We accept only strategic partners on our affiliate program.

If you think you can be a strategic partner for us please complete all the information in the form below.

What are the affiliate program details?

Bamboocams aims to be the e-wallet system for adult industry. This means that we use revenue share for our affiliate program.

The affiliate program details are:

  • 2-5% revenue share from the referred models earnings for lifetime
  • 2-5% revenue share from all the premium members for lifetime
  • minimum payout $100
  • payout timing: 7 days from withdrawal request
  • payout methods: paypal

When do I get my payout as an affiliate?

Affiliates see their earnings in the account in american dollars ($)

Payouts are sent on a per-request basis. To get your payouts you need to make a withdrawal request first.

The maximum period of time from the request until the payout is made is 7 days.

Do you have dynamic affiliate links?

We offer dynamic affiliate links if you want to automatically redirect traffic to specific model profiles.

Do you have banners for affiliates?

Yes for affiliates, we do have some catchy ones made.

Contact us and we will make special banners for you.